Ways to Volunteer

Ways to Volunteer

One of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences you can have is by being a mentor to our kids. You can offer a lot to a child- your time and attention. Being a mentor is about spending quality time with a child, enjoying all sorts of activities together. Love and affection you shower on child help them to gain more confidence, raise their self-esteem and look forward to a bright future.

Weekday / Weekend volunteering

You can adopt one of the Akshaya Vidya centres and spend your time either 1 or 2 hours every day or on Saturdays & Sundays. You may like to teach them English grammar, Telugu, Hindi and Maths (any subject of your choice), you can read out interesting and inspiring stories to children, biographies and your own life experiences, play caroms or teach them chess etc. There is no end to what you can teach and learn from a kid.

Teach a skill

You can take Music & dance classes – both classical & popular. Many of our children like to draw & Paint. We need some of you to help them become better artists. Sharing your skills and talent can provide Akshaya Vidya with talent normally unaffordable to hire. Not only could you reap the benefits from making new contacts but you will feel good, making a difference to a child’s life.


Ideal opportunity for those who are pursuing social service courses in Graduate or Post-Graduate level. Short duration and long duration internship opportunities are provided in this project.

Make It Possible For Children To Change The Course Of Their Lives