Akshaya Vidya Inc

Akshaya Vidya is proud to announce the formation of Akshaya Vidya USA Inc. With our Head Quarter in New Jersey and our team members spread across different locations in the US, ( Harrisburg, Texas, Maryland etc. to name a few), AV USA is poised to help Akshaya Vidya India grow exponentially helping change the future of India and the world towards a more equitable society.

While the Akshaya Vidya is doing yeoman service in helping build up the future generation through a strong educational base, there has been a strong feeling amongst many people living in the first world – especially Indians settled abroad – that there is a lot of inputs and support that can come from the socially driven people in the advanced countries.

Some of the many ways in which those abroad can support the cause can be through

If you feel the joy in helping change lives of the lesser fortunate, please do not hesitate to contact any of our team members listed below:

Uday Shankar Nadupalli+1 (609)
Santhosh Mittapalli+1 (248)
Srinath Reddy B+1 (571)
Vijay+1 (240)
Sheetala Pratibha+1 (240)

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Our Bank Details

Name of the Bank – WELLS FARGO
A/C # – 5318311122
Routing # – 021200025