Our Team

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P.Venugopal Reddy
Chairman, Ekalavya Foundation

Sri.Venugopal Reddy is the Founder & Chairman of Ekalavya Foundation (EF). He is the backbone of & the vision behind all that Ekalavya does. He has experience in social service, grass roots mobilization and organization building for more than 5 decades. A strong believer in “Manava Seva being Madhava Seva”, he was instrumental in EF reaching out to most backward tribal communities in Adilabad district and through their various projects, providing health support, interventions in education and enhancement of livelihood activities amongst these tribals. He was also the editor of Jagruti, Telugu weekly magazine, Board of Director on Rachana Educational Society and a RTI activist. He is also Founder – Secretary of ShyamPrasad Institute for Social Service, Hyderabad, founded on 1991. The various Projects under Ekalavya Foundation can be seen on our parent website www.ekalavya.net.

J.Vivek Anand
Trustee, Ekalavya Foundation, President, Akshaya Vidya

A businessman by profession and a Philanthropist by passion, Vivek Anand has played a very important role in building the Management Systems, Strategy and global reach of the Akshaya Vidya Project. He is a Trustee of Ekalavya Foundation and strongly believes that we need to work towards a more equitable society. He believes that the lack of quality education is not just a social issue, but an economic one too! The amazing children he has met in the slums has lead him to believe that with the right education, the future Ratan Tatas, Azim Premjis, Abdul Kalams are all there in the slums. Just waiting to be recognised and given a chance to show their inner capabilities. His work is towards allowing them to shine.

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S. Pavan Kumar
Vice-President, Akshaya Vidya

Pavan Kumar is working as a Senior software Engineer in OSI Consulting Pvt.Ltd, Hyderabad. Pavan involved actively as a part time volunteer for Akshaya Vidya since 2011.

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Organizing Secretary, Akshaya VIdya

Prasad Tentu is the heart and vision behind the Akshaya Vidya program. Having overcome a very poor childhood with minimal academic facilities, he understood the pain of the children who do not have access to quality education and made it his life mission to ensure no child should go through the same. It is his passion and drive that had founded Akshaya Vidya in 2011 with 35 students and has brought it today to a level of having more than 3600 students across the two Telugu states. Prasad believes strongly in the statement “Nation is my Family” and works for the upliftment of and a better future for all the children of our nation.

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M. Sreedevi
Academic Head, Akshaya Vidya

When the Akshaya Vidya Project was looking for ways to make the curriculum more fun and simultaneously encourage faster learning, Mrs. Sreedevi Mulpuri was a godsend to us. With vast experience in developing learning environments and syllabus for various organizations, she is the ideal person to help develop a custom syllabus for these children with different levels of learning. Her passion has driven our Academic rigour and after experimentation with various forms, formats and processes of learning, she has been the key driver in Akshaya Vidya developing it’s unique model of learning in English, Telugu and Maths suited for self learning for these slum children irrespective of which level they are at. Her passion, expertise and large heart combined have made her more than just an employee and an integral part of the success of the Project which is Akshaya Vidya.