Akshaya Vidya – Educating Hyderabad Slums

Akshaya Vidya centers reopened for new academic year and supporting by a Reputed Corporate School:

Akshaya vidya centers got reopened after summer holidays.  We regularly organize Tutors training camp (Nivasi varg) on first Saturday and Sunday of every month to review last month’s progress and plan for the ensuing month.

This time Nivasi varg was held in the premises of a corporate School, Hyderbad.  The Correspondent of the school hosted the training camp.  The correspondent of the school   has joined Akshaya vidya mission after visiting slums and interacting with the slum children.  She promised to be Akshaya Vidya’s mentor for developing curriculum and also training our tutors.   We are really thankful to School management  for magnanimous support.  School team  has prepared lot of worksheets for slum students for English, Hindi and Mathematics and explained to our tutors how to make use of the worksheets.  On Saturday, the training went upto 11.30 pm.




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