Annual Report 2014 -15


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“Akshaya Vidya” is an urban slum Education project of Ekalavya Foundation;aimed at comprehensive development of slum Dwellers with special focus on

Educational needs of children; employment opportunities of semi literate youth;health, hygiene and other social aspects of their living.

Aims & Objectives:

1. Study of existing educational standards of children, schooling habits,academic levels of children.

2. Designing appropriate intervention strategies for continuation of school-ing and education.

3. Providing skill development programs to unemployed youth with the help ofvarious Govt. and non Govt. organizations

No. of study centers : 16

1. Yadamma Nagar (Malkajgiri) -52 students

2. Arundhati Nagar (Gandhi Nagar) -46 students

3. Bagh Lingampally-40 students 11. Singareni- V – 39 students

4. Bathukamma Kunta(Amber pet) -45 students

5. Shalivahana Nagar-56 students 13. Singareni-VII- 49 students

6. Teegalaguda(Amber pet) – 46students

7. Singareni colony- I-50 students 15. Singareni-IX-30 students

8. Singareni colony- II-35 students 16. Singareni-X- 25 students

9. Singareni- III – 40 students

10. Singareni- IV – 45 students

12. . Singareni-VI – 54 students

14. Singareni-VIII- 35 students


According to recent survey, there are more than 1400 slums in Grater Hydera-
bad Muncipal Corporation Area. About 12% of the population of GHMC are liv-
ing in various areas which are classified as SLUMS.

There are some slums which exist for more than 20 years and there are somewhich are as recently as 1 year.The residents of slums are typically people who are migrated from surrounding districts or some far away places who came here in search of livelihood.In terms of class/caste composition, they come from lowest strata of the society, without any known and definite source of livelihood.

In some areas, second generation of people are living without any change in their living conditions compared to the first generation of people when they

have arrived.

Our Approach:

Education Inspiration Integration

  • Quality Education to slum children through our intervention.
  • Inspiration through exposure to new people and situations to help themdream big and continue the path of education.
  • Ultimately the slum children are to be helped to get equal access to modern economic activities and thus integrate into the main society as respectable citizens of this country


Akshaya Vidya center is run in slums for slum children from Monday through Saturday for 2 hours after school hours.Local residents are chosen as „tutors‟ as slum children are able to relateto their neighbors as „role models‟ rather than outside people.Tutors are not only given training on „teaching methodology‟ but also on how to strengthen their academics, communication skills and on career building strategies so that through their success, they will inspire otherslum dwellers.

First Saturday evening and Sunday of every month is earmarked for Teacher training. During this training, review of last month activities are under-taken and activities for the ensuing month are discussed.Performance of tutors is reviewed and necessary data like attendance, spe-
cial activities done for the month etc. are collected.

Academics:Students from Nursery to 7th class attend AV center.With the help of Pratham tools (an NGO working in the filed of education),students are divided into 4 groups– for Telugu

1. those who can‟t identify alphabets, 2. those who can identify only alphabets but not words

3. those who can identify words but can‟t read paragraphs and 4. those who can identify paragraphs and read stores Similar grouping was done with regard to Maths also.Based on the above groupings, specially designed curriculum was imparted and we could see lot of change in students performance over the months. Many children have improved their basic skills and moved up in the grouping ladder.For higher class children, apart from improving their basics in Telugu and Maths, our tutors also help them in completing their home work.Due to our continuous support, many of our have students improved their ranking in their school, thus boosting their confidence levels.

Parents Feedback:

  • Parents are happy with AV centers because they know for sure that their children are not wasting their time roaming around the bylanes, and are safe in AV centers until they come home from their work. (Earlier, parents are worried about safety of their children as they are away for work, children tend to run around and often meet with road accidents,befriend anti-social elements etc.)
  • Parents have told that there are less number of complaints from their class teachers as children have become disciplined and improved their studies.

Highlights of 2014-15:

  •  5 more Akshaya vidya centers are opened in Singareni colony.
  •  2 new centers at Arundhati Nagar, Gandhi Nagar and yadamma nagar, Malkajgiri.
  • A grand celebration of Independence day (August 15) was organized at Singareni cluster. Students from Singareni colony were dressed up with costumes of great national leaders and they have marched through the narrow bylanes of singareni colony. Patriotic fervor was ignited in the slum people with these activities.
  • Similar cultural event was organized at Gandhinagar on 26th January 2015 with students getting dressed up as national leaders.
  • A cultural program was organized at Shalivahana Nagar on 26th January evening wherein several children have performed dance, drama,skit etc. to the pleasant delight of their parents and neighbors.
  • A group of 45 children from Singareni colony and Teegalaguda were taken on an excursion to Nehru Zoological Park.
  • Students from Singareni colony were taken to planetarium on an educational tour.
  • 250 Children were taken to a program “CHIGURU” where they are given opportunity to interact with other schools and organizations with same mission.
  •  Pre-final exams were conducted in all AV centers from class 4 to 8 students and prizes for given away for toppers.
  •  Nutritional supplementation during exams: Boiled eggs were distributed during exams time to students.

For Tutors:

  • Spoken English classes were organized through skype from Paris Women group rep. by Anu Vydehi.
  • Jeevan vidya(a course on moral values) was conducted by Mr. Mallikarjuna Reddy.
  • During summer vacations, tutors as well as 40 girl students were sent for personality Development training conducted by Sevika samithi.
  • Mrs. Arundhati, Correspondent of Sangamitra School, Nizampet Road has agreed to provide curriculum support to AV program. Mrs. Arundhati is
  • highly passionate about education and is committed to the causes like ours. Her joining with Akshaya Viday is a big boost to our operations and a blessing to all our slum children.

Parents Committees in Slums:

Parents of 5 AV centers in Singareni colony were organized to form a parent committee to help centers run smoothly. Parents from Singareni –1 center have come forward to build their own AV center through voluntary service.

In Media:

  • Akshaya Vidya Project was covered in the channel ETV.AP & ETV.Telangana in Yuva Program on 21st Oct-2014. Watch the Video.

  • Akshaya Vidya was aired in “Salaam Telangana” 92.7 Big FM – talk show with RJ Swapna & Shekar Basha on 30th Oct-2014.
  • They also sponsored Solar Lamps in Singareni Slum for 150 Kids.
  • A girl student by name Kalyani, from Singareni colony-5 centre of Akshaya Vidya won a prize in quiz competition in the program

”CHAMPION” conducted in ETV2 on 18th FEB „15.Please find the link:

  • In a nut shell 2014-15 was eventful year for Akshaya Vidya as we could expand our reach to new centers and new patrons have joined hands with us.
  • Academics Dept. was strengthened with the joining of Mrs. Arundhati.
  • Children have started showing signs of improvement in matters of discipline, attendance, academic performance.
  • Community was slowly able to understand the importance of quality education and started supporting.
  • Akshaya Viday team would like to convey its heart felt gratitude to all the donors who have extended support to this endeavour.
  • We hope to reach out to more and more under privileged children thorough your continued support and cooperation.

Thanks & Regards

Akshaya Vida Team

From Ekalavya Foundation